Terms of use

Terms of use

Safarvia is a platform that provides a wide range of courses and opportunities offered by different institutions around the world. We partner with the best course providers to ensure an excellent travel experience for our customers.

Safarvia is here to enrich people's educational and travel experiences. We provide individuals with a path to learn different skills and to build meaning in their travel experiences through the courses we offer.

Our vision is to break down cultural barriers and add meaning to people’s journeys. We want to help make traveling for an experience attainable to all!

Safar is the Arabic word for ‘travel’ and via is the Latin word for Your ‘path’ to a new and unique experience.

Safarvia believes that traveling connects people, dismantles constructed barriers, and allows them to accept each other and embrace their differences. Our slogan “Experience the World” reflects what Safarvia aims to achieve: encouraging people to learn new skills while traveling, explore different cities, and communicate with diverse people.


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